Q: Is this System a High Yield Income Program (HYIP):
A: No this system is not HYIP. You do not need to make investment

Q: Do I need to create a website as I do not know how to do that?
A: You do  not need to create a website to earn from this system. All these has been done for you

Q: What am I having with one time payment of $12?
A: You will be entitled to the complete information product delivered to you in pdf, a complete web site as this done for you with libertyreserve payment buttong (code generated) and added for you to start receiving payment for you.

Q: Is this system legal? Yes, 100% legal as it add value to people who want to make money online. Aside giving them an ebook on how to create the system, they are also handed over the system complete.

Q: How do I start making money from this system once I have paid my $12
A: we give you a system of marketing your site. Also, remember its so cheap that you can start taking orders any time.


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